Monday, March 28, 2011

Are you protecting your family or are you lining someone's pocket? Prepare to be horrified by what you read....

Get ready to to be shocked, then make it your goal to shock every person you know with the information you are about to read!

for years everyone has run to their drug cupboard to grab their sunscreen. it doesn't actually have to be sunny with a risk of sunburn for this, just the mere mention of the word 'going outside' has generally been enough to trigger an urgent dash to the pharmacy, supermarket or storage place to bring out the beloved 'saviour of the skin', the infamous chemical sunscreen. You see, that is what most sunscreens are, a bottle full of chemicals and most people would;' have the foggiest idea what those chemicals do, or don't do. Well, let's be honest, you don't have to know do you? Those every friendly people on the adverts all tell you the same thing: you need large dollops of the stuff applied to your skin and that of every person you could possibly ever come in contact with. Come rain. hail or shine this bottle of chemical goo will protect you from that FREE thing, created by nature, called sunshine. Now let's be perfectly frank here, if sunshine could be bottled, the dermatologists, cosmetic companies and pharmaceutical giants would be fighting each other to see who could make the biggest profit from it; then no doubt the idea of sunscreen could go and whistle!

Those of us 'in the know' i.e. the people who have known for a very long time that most of these chemicals are likely to do more harm than good ( in other words the opposite of the Hippocratic oath), have been ignored and fought a losing battle trying to get the message across to the unsuspecting public. However, there are at long last, working committees who are brave enough to stand up and be counted and provide statistics which prove conclusively that no one should be applying this stuff willy nilly, day in, day out to their skin. More importantly, the harm it can do to children and young people in particular, must told to every parent, nursery, kindergarten, pre-school,school, clinic and hospital and so that the word can be spread to protect ALL children! Humans need moderate exposure to sunshine to get vitamin D NATURALLY form UVB. Sun IS Life!!!

So what you may ask can you do when there is risk of sunburn. The answer is: use a physical sunscreen - ie one with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, cover up skin with light weight clothing, wear a hat with a brim and always protect the eyes with sunglasses. Stay in the shade once a moderate amount of exposure has been achieved. The golden rule is never ever burn. Physical sunscreen has a white appearance and may not be so aesthetically pleasing to some, but it is surely better to have this than apply chemicals that can be absorbed and can cause severe toxicity and possibly skin cancer. Be aware that some companies are now trying to be crafty by adding other chemicals to physical sunscreens to try to make them appear colourless; as we are trying to avoid chemicals, check the label carefully.

If you want to know what damage the chemicals in sunscreen can do to you and your loved ones, read the articles