Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tanning Linked to Easing Chronic Pain

Tanning Linked to Easing Chronic Pain

A North Carolina dermatologist, Wake Forest University's Dr. Steven Feldman,
is recommending indoor tanning for some patients suffering with chronic pain.
Feldman conducted a research trial of fibromyalgia patients which revealed
that those who used a tanning bed actually had their pain decline as compared
to those who weren't exposed to UV light. He attributes the relief to the
release of endorphins that results from exposure to ultraviolet rays.
The study lasted a month and a half.

One of his patients, Laura Hemrick, first tried exercise and drug therapy to
treat her chronic fibromyalgia - an illness that reveals itself with symptoms
such as loss of energy and mental clarity, as well as lots of pain. However,
she reveals that the only action that's brought relief for her is indoor tanning.
Her therapy has consisted of using a tanning booth three times a week for 12 to
15 minutes per visit. She much preferred that to the increased sickness she felt
when trying to take prescription medicine for her symptoms.

Beyond fibromyalgia, Feldman also acknowledges that indoor tanning equipment has
been used to treat the skin condition psoriasis.

The use of indoor tanning as a form of therapy was also a topic of discussion
among doctors when a study of people "addicted" to tanning revealed that
participants were tanning indoors to aid with back pain. In another study,
UV light recipients noted their arthritic conditions were improved.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Get Real! Myths About UV.

Get Real! Myths About UV.

Myths and Misconceptions About UV and Tanning......
The purveyors of sun-scare, in inexplicable blind zeal for their cause,
have made some outlandish and unsupportable statements about sunshine,
UV, Vitamin D and tanning.
Think about this: Because sunshine is free, there is no powerful pro-sun PR lobby aggressively countering these misstatements.
Think about it some more: Just imagine if a large pharmaceutical company did own the sun and was able to send you a bill or your monthly sunshine. The mass-media marketing message you got about sunshine – based on the same science that exists today – would be completely positive.
The statements that follow show you that, when it comes to “sun scare” marketing is more important than science.

She Said It:
“Many sunscreen companies have just teeter-tottered staying in business.
It’s not easy getting rich in the sunscreen business.”
– Boston University Dermatology Chair Barbara Gilchrest, in a guest
lecture at the 13th Workshop on Vitamin D, April 8, 2006 in Victoria,
Canada. Gilchrest was refuting the suggestion that sunscreen companies
profit from preaching all-out fear of the sun.

Get Real!
Sunscreen companies are enjoying record profits right now. Gilchrest
apparently doesn’t read sunscreen companies’ financial statements
very closely. Current up-to-For instance:

•» Mult-billion dollar pharmaceutical giant Schering-Plough (Coppertone)
reported sun-care sunscreens as making the division one of it's best
performers by percentage growth since 2003.This continues to grow annually.

•» Even bigger multi-billion dollar giant Johnson and Johnson’s consumer products unit – which markets sun care products like Neutrogena and Aveeno, continues to grow it's profits from sunscreen at an escalating rate every year without fail.
Neutrogena’s marketing uses some of the most aggressive sun-scare tactics of any sunscreen company.

Last year alone, the suncreen industry amounted to $US35 BILLION!!

Gilchrest and her peers apparently have an antiquated definition of
what a sunscreen company is. It isn’t just a beach product anymore.
Most women’s cosmetics today include sunscreen in their products
– marketing usage and need of the product based on over-hyping fear
of the sun. Because of this, most women wear sunscreen 365 days a year
in any climate – even when sunburn isn’t a possibility – because the
American Academy of Dermatology and sunscreen manufacturers have scared
them into over-use of sunscreen. “Sun scare” – is teaching total fear of
the sun instead of sunburn prevention – is a huge multibillion-dollar
business run by even larger multibillion-dollar cosmeceutical corporations.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The megaSun position on Tanning, UV light exposure & Vitamin D

We acknowledge that any exposure to sunlight can carry a risk; however at megaSun we have invested heavily in the use of the best possible equipment and staff training. We take health and all the implications that come with it, very seriously and our primary goal is to educate the public about tanning, UV light exposure and Vitamin D. Sunlight is vital for our survival, but sadly it is indiscriminate in its intensity; overexposure and burning pose huge risks to health – and in particular that of the skin.

The body’s own natural protection again sunburn is the brown colour that we call a tan. We must remember of course that not everyone can get a tan and all skin type 1 people must avoid sunshine and sunbeds and be educated on how to protect their skin and still have enough Vitamin D. For those of us who can achieve a tan, how we do it to avoid burning and damage is paramount! At megaSun our lamps are patented to give the same dose of UV light every visit, thus avoiding the aforementioned burning or fluctuations in dosage.

Sadly around the globe there are too many places offering the use of sunbeds where tanning is indiscriminate and clients can just do ‘whatever they choose’ in a less that favourable environment – invariably with untrained personnel. We are vehemently against this sort of practise at megaSun and spend time with every client going through a complete consultation – skin typing; sub typing; a medical questionnaire and previous tanning history. Prospective clients not only need to complete this extensive form, but they also need to read our mandatory document about UV light, exposure and control.

This form was designed – intentionally - in conjunction with the famous radiation scientific specialist Donald L Smith of the Non-Ionising Radiation Research Institute. We are grateful to Don for all the input he has given us. The information we post on our website, whether for news or health, is only ever taken from credible sources. In fact we endeavour to source the bulk of our information from consultants, professors and specialists who are noted for their work in fields connected to UV light, sun exposure and Vitamin D.

It is in the public interest for anyone who is involved in this industry to continually research and update their knowledge on Vitamin D – which after all, is not a vitamin at all (it just happened to be discovered at the same time as the other vital amines)l! In fact it is a potent steroid hormone and it its synthesis through UVB is a vital component for life itself. The form that we know made naturally from UBV is Vitamin D3 – cholecalciferol and should not be confused with vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) which is added to foods and confusingly, not really vitamin D at all. Vitamin D3 – that which you will achieve from controlled exposure to UVB in your megaSun sunbed, will give you approximately the same dosage as drinking 100 glasses of milk in one go!

The most important things we must remember are these – non-burning exposure of the body to UVB will ensure significant anti-cancer activity and properties that will boost the immune system. The health A-Z on our website will no doubt astound some people when they become aware of just how important sunshine is to the human body!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Scientist criticises unfair investigation methods of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – IARC report flawed as different skin types were not considered

Brussels, 1st April 2010 (ESA) – William B. Grant, one of the most renowned vitamin D re-searchers worldwide, has criticised the methods used by the International Agency for Re-search on Cancer (IARC) during their investigations concerning a relationship between the use of solariums and the risk of skin cancer. “The IARC drew on a total of 19 studies as a basis for a so-called meta analysis and after evaluating the data came to the conclusion that for the under-35 age group there is a connection between the use of solariums and the risk of skin cancer. Among these 19 studies, five were based on people with skin type one. As this skin type is genetically associated with a high risk of contracting skin cancer, this section of the population is always strongly recommended to avoid sunbathing – whether this may be in the solarium or outdoors. In order to carry out an accurate investigation, this group must be considered separately. The IARC clearly failed to do this“, explained William B. Grant. Should a separate evaluation be conducted, continued Grant,
no causal relationship between the use of solariums and the risk of skin cancer would be shown.

In a study recently described in the specialist journal “Dermato-Endocrinology“, Grant pre-sents the inaccurate investigation methods of the IARC in detail.

European Sunlight Association (ESA) is the European governing body of the tanning industry. ESA, based in Belgium, currently represents 30 national associations and companies from 17 EU member states, Norway, Switzerland, Russia and the USA.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


The team at megaSun takes tanning very seriously, and so should you. In fact megaSun is so focused on healthy tanning it is all they do. No hair salon or day spa distractions just the highest quality tanning equipment, well maintained and appointed private booths and the full attention of trained tanning professionals to ensure your personalised tanning session is a safe and enjoyable experience.

The physical and mental benefits of having a healthy tan are obvious to most of us but unfortunately misinformation and scaremongering can leave us wondering if tanning is a sensible option. Inevitably we have to face the sun on a daily basis; it is indiscriminant in its intensity and with changing seasons, very unreliable. Overexposure to the sun can be harmful so getting your tanning managed in the right environment with good advice and well maintained and regulated equipment is a must

Our skin types are unique and to ensure adequate Vitamin D intake - and that feel good, look good colouring - the rate of exposure needs to be maintained and regulated. This is just part of the megaSun service and benefit to its clientele.

To guarantee your tanning experience is of the highest quality MegaSun use only the best equipment from their modern megaSun brand sunbeds to the patented CPI® lamp technology ensuring you receive the correct exposure to UV that is appropriate to you – every time you visit. Our Managers all have been trained and awarded the prestigious Masters in Tanning from Smart Tan International Education Facility and undergo continuous professional development to keep up with industry trends and product developments.

The team at megaSun will ensure you are well looked after from the moment you walk in to our modern studio to the time you leave, we look forward to meeting you soon. MegaSun has two studios located in Auckland City for your convenience on the High Street and in Ponsonby.