Sunday, June 27, 2010

Give me one good reason why......

I am frequently asked questions about tan accelerator lotions. Everyone can remember the days when these were gimmicks with little or no substance to them – and while there are lotions around that still leave a lot to be desired, there are some fantastic creations that really do ensure you get the results you are seeking. We are very strict on what we sell at megaSun. I have studied cosmetic science and perfumery and really do have a much better understanding of what the lotions do and how they work, than I could ever possibly hve

The most frequently asked question seems to be “why would I bother with a lotion when your megaSun beds tan me so well anyway”. I have to agree, having owned other big name brands of sunbeds, megaSun is by far our favourite brands for many reasons. However, there are several reasons why you do need to use a tan accelerator.

You get:

1. A longer lasting, deeper tan
2. Deeper penetration of the ingredients gives a more solid block of tan with less chance of patchiness
3. A much faster tan – skin moisturised with the correct ingredients tans far more quickly
4. UV rays are absorbed into the skin more easily and ensure a superior tan
Smoother, softer, healthier skin
5. A youthful, healthy glow
6. Anti-free radicals are reduced thus making the process more anti-ageing

At megaSun, we are very very particular about the brands we stock. We aim to always give excellent value for money, but of prime importance is getting the right ingredients for the best possible results for all skin types and all stages of tanning. We do get the 'world and his wife' offering to sell us their products, but as we are so discerning, we turn the bulk of them down flat.

Of course it would be easy to pick up the various 'super-cheap' offers that are around - or (even more common), to buy in stock that is 'slightly' out-of-date or past it's useful life. Studios make huge profits pretending this junk is wonderful, but once clients see they don't get any results, the cat is out of the bag and they would never buy lotion again, and quite rightly so! We guarantee we NEVER do this. It is not only deceitful, but also unfair and the salons who do this invariably get caught out. We hate this sort of thing done to us, so why on earth would we even consider doing it to someone else! As far as the megaTeam are concerned, this practice stinks and should be outlawed!!!

If you need advice on what to choose and what is right for YOU - ask as many questions as you like; that is what we are here for, to make sure you get what your skin needs and what is right for you - not what is right for the neighbour three blocks away. Clients who come in to see us, know that we are very approachable as well as knowledgeable and experienced. We can tell you what is achievable and what isn't.

Come on down to High Street in the City or to College Hill inPonsonby and let us tell you how you can get the tan you really want.