Friday, February 4, 2011

Will Common Sense Prevail?

The slamming of sunbed users getting a 75% increase in cancer if using tanning beds under the age of 35 has been totally discredited by one of the world’s leading experts on sunlight, UV and vitamin D. Dr William Grant. The database used made the 'increase' possible due to the following statistics being erroneously and deliberately included; thus making a mockery of the study:
a) skin type 1 people.
b) unsupervised individuals (ie unknown factors which may include some or all of the following: where they tanned, whether they were suitable for tanning or had a skin type which would allow tanning, how long and how often they tanned).
c) dermatologists own ‘phototherapy’ tanning units; (there are no rules banning anyone from their equipment)
d) home tanning units.

In professional tanning salons skin type 1 individuals do not get past the skin analysis point and are not allowed to use sunbeds. Dr William Grant has proven that when the analysis and stats are torn apart, the results are totally erroneous. – in fact once the four factors which should NOT have been included in the first place are removed from the equation, the melanoma risk actually Decreases! Melanoma and mortality has been continually decreasing since 1985 especially in women aged 20-44. The only major increases have been in male, indoors workers. Interestingly, in Canada they don't have an increase in derms like most other countries and their level of skin cancers and melanoma are not increasing but in fact are decreasing as time goes on.

It is a known fact that at least 1.5 mill people have attended a minimum of 39 sessions per year of ‘phototherapy’ at a dermatology clinic – ie sunbeds under another or ‘medical’ name in the last year. This netted the derms [dermatologists] a nice tidy profit of $5billion – so it is no wonder they want the sunbed competition removed as they could increase this by untold amounts if operators had to hand over all business to them!

Dr Marc Sorensen states the only real reason that people are against sunbeds, are for nothing more than money – money for derms to have it ALL to themselves and money for derms and other societies who want to profit from ‘phototherapy’ sessions and sales of sunscreen. Some derms, have been sent to prison for cutting off skin or sending samples of unknown origin for ‘analysis’ and claiming they are melanomas or other skin cancers and consequently they are being used in data and statistics that blame sunbeds for increases that do not even exist! Dr Michel Rosin was sentenced to 22 years in prison for fraud – for removing ‘lesions’ he said were melanomas but were a variety of materials, not all of which were human tissue even!

The number of derms in the USA alone has increased 320% DUE TO SUN SCARE MESSAGE! We could therefore state they are exposed and their motive is pure profit. Insurance companies worldwide are paying for lesion removal under the title of ‘melanoma removal’- even when they are not melanomas. The reason for making such claims is that the insurance companies would not pay the dermatologists for other types of lesion removal. Consequently, it appears on the surface that melanomas are on the increase, when in fact non-malignant and other lesions are being referred to as melanomas to ensure the dermatologist gets paid. This is a fact confirmed by the eminent professor Sam Shuster of Newcastle University in the UK.

Another ridiculous statement made by a well known dermatologist in America:
“I see us moving to underground shelters and perhaps living underground” a claim made by – Dr Wilma Bergfeld former AAA president, She also predicts that by 2012 skin cancer will be biggest cancer killer; it is well documented breast cancer leads this table and cannot be overtaken in this timeframe making her predication impossible. This kind of scare tactic encourages depletion of vitamin D. It is fortunate that the public at large are starting to realise just how important controlled UV exposure is for health – just as nature intended! Vit D from controlled, non-burning exposure to UV light could prevent a minimum of 300,000 deaths a year!

You be the judge – and the jury. Read the facts, ask the questions and draw your own conclusions; I hope using common sense!