Thursday, July 29, 2010

Professor states: why we can't give up our tan, and more importantly why we shouldn't try

For those of you who know us personally – or those who feel they are getting to know us from our blogs, Facebook or Twitter, you will no doubt by now, know how passionate we are about getting things right – and how long we have spent researching sunlight, vitamin D, Sunbeds and Tanning. We are well aware of the folk out there who like to jump on their bandwagon and have their say – even if it hasn’t a fragment of truth in it and they no nothing about the subject matter. On the other side of the coin, there are some very dedicated professionals out there who DO know what they are talking about and it’s about time we all listened to them very carefully if we want to stay healthy and prevent numerous diseases and disorders and of course keep the public cost of health to a minimum too.

One such person we need to take note of is the eminent Professor Emeritus Sam Shuster from Newcastle in England. We worked next door to Sam when he was at the RVI hospital and both of us have spent many an hour making special concoctions for Sam’s patients over the years we were there. He was instrumental in us taking an interest in all things related to vitamin D, disease prevention, tanning and all things related to UV exposure – and one of the reasons we take such painstaking care with what we do.

Sam has recently sent out a letter to newspapers in the UK as well as numerous other people and places, to explain why we must NOT give up tanning or controlled UV exposure on a good quality sunbeds. {we assume from what we know of Prof Shuster he would only approve of operators who know what they are doing, why and how!}

His excellent work is outlined on our website and the crux of the article is:
Skin cancer statistics are used to scare, not educate. Almost all of the 84,000 skin "cancers" that appear each year are in fact benign: they don't spread or kill; their cancerous name is a historical misnomer. Of course, sun exposure increases facial wrinkling, as does smoking, but the black ace in the fear game is melanoma, because the real thing is vicious.

The poor relationship of melanoma to cumulative UV dose had solarphobics running for cover in the idea the article quotes, that a one-off sunburn "could develop into a melanoma". But that doesn't happen: unlike the benign tumours that really are caused by UV, melanomas do not predominate in sun-exposed skin. There are commonsense reasons to avoid sunburn, and for use of sunscreens - but not, to prevent melanoma, for which they have been shown to be totally ineffective.

Self-image is measurably increased by a tan, and we will learn much from understanding the mechanism of this wellbeing. UV initiates the synthesis of vitamin D, essential for our bones, and sunscreen promotion has led to problems. It also has a profound effect on our immune function. Strangely, the bastard science of descriptive epidemiology that masterminded the melanoma myth now claims that UV lowers the incidence of many internal cancers and melanoma, thereby outweighing any harmful effects.

Plants and animals owe their existence to the sun, and it is hardly surprising that we've learned to adapt and use it. That's why we can't give up our tan, and more importantly why we shouldn't try.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My mum got cancer – so I opened a tanning studio

My mum got cancer – so I opened a tanning studio – yes you DID hear that correctly!

She had extremely low vitamin D as well as heart disease and diabetes. No one took any notice and suddenly, she developed ovarian cancer – she died a couple of weeks after being diagnosed. It was too late to help her. However, I have made it a personal crusade to let every woman I know understand just how important it is to have regular, controlled exposure to UV to prevent such atrocities. It is all very well the specialist being sad and saying ‘Oh if only we had known about Vitamin D preventing ovarian cancer, Marie could possibly have been saved’.

All the talk in the world won’t bring back my precious mum; but if everyone who reads this spreads the word to every woman they know, then maybe, just maybe we could see a massive reduction in some horrid horrid cancers that abound form the lack of this vital element in our bodies. Interestingly, my mother’s diabetes and heart disease could have been much better controlled too if she had only known that her rigid, daily regime of applying endless amounts of chemical sunscreen was actually killing her!!!

You owe it yourself and your loved ones to spread the word to all in sundry that we all need regular, non-burning exposure to UV light if we want to be fit and healthy.
I opened two upmarket tanning stuios to help combat the problems associated with sunbeds and operators who should not be in this industry. I guarantee that megaSun is truly different - and yes, we are all trained to deal with our clients sensitively, courteously and with passion!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tell The Truth and Shame The Devil!

I have spent many an hour debating with myself as to how to reach out and “spread the word” so to speak. Of course being a little “one man band” has never helped. How do you get to tell the world and his wife about issues that may have a huge impact on life and health – some of it positive; some of it negative? Of course we can tell those closest to us and try to get them to tell their friends and family, but what next? Social media and the networking it is providing is certainly a good platform to replace my “old soapbox” – I think there’s a strong possibility I have missed my vocation standing at Hyde Park on a Sunday afternoon; box and speech in hand, ready to inform all who are willing to listen!

Those of you who know me, understand only too well that I am a person who listens to reason and balances things carefully before making informed decisions. The fact I am writing blogs and they could be read by anyone, anywhere, anytime, means I need to make sure that anything I do say is credible rather than just ‘newsworthy’. So, how come when the subject of sunlight, UV exposure and sunbeds is mentioned, the so called ‘intellects’ of this world can paint such unbalanced pictures to inform the general public and get away with it? The answer is quite simply down to money.

Think about it; - sunshine is free, a controlled UV light exposure session on a sunbed costs very little and the vitamin D that is absorbed by the body from that exposure costs nothing. That means, there isn’t really a great fortune to be made from these. However a great fortune can be had and shared amongst a select few if you go completely against Mother Nature and how she intends us to live (exposed to UV light in moderate doses). It’s very simple really: get cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies to manufacture chemical sunscreens that block out UV light (and stop Vitamin D from being produced) and then scare people out of the sun, preferably by making the ‘sun scare’ announcements sound like public service messages via societies that appear totally credible in their actions (cancer societies and women’s ‘high society’ magazines for example). The manufacturers pay a nice tidy sum of money to their ‘chosen’ societies to spread the gospel according to St. Sunscreen and bingo – the public think the message of avoiding UV light like it is a plague, can’t possibly be wrong! $US35 billion shared around dermatologists, cancer societies and magazine advertorials/editorials is not to be sniffed at and let’s face it, who in their right mind would give up a share of that level of money?

It is interesting and heart warming to see that there are indeed some very honest and trustworthy professionals out there who are now brave enough to speak out against these shoddy practises and tell the world that sun scare is all wrong and that there has never ever been a proven case of a sunbed causing cancer anywhere in the world to date.

If you really care about your family and friends; and I’m sure you do, tell them to have a sunbed session at a studio with trained, knowledgeable personnel that have beds which are modern, well serviced and have a consistent dose of UVB or regular, moderate sun exposure. Make sure to let them know they must never ever burn and if they want to be educated about UV light exposure and vitamin D – make sure they ask someone who knows their subject matter and is an expert in their field! Our website has links to some of the most eminent professionals in this field and surely, they can’t all be wrong when they say a little and often is best and in the interests of health, you DO need sunshine.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Does sunlight cause skin cancer or does sunlight prevent skin cancer?

This is an excellent video that poses some intersting questions relating to skin care and sunlight. Does sunlight cause skin cancer or does sunlight prevent skin cancer? *How does sunbathing give you the so-called red neck? * Is tanning booth bad for you or does it help your body to generate Vitamin D under certain circumstances? (And what are the circumstances?) *What is the relationship between nutrition, Vitamin D and cancer? This is a video that reveals the truth about Vitamin D, sunlight and cancer. Find out more with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in this 23-minute video at

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