Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just for a change

Instead of my usual mantra of vitamin D and all it's benefits, I thought I would talk about something different for a change. For although I have been studying Vitmain D and all that goes with it for more years than I care to declare, I have also held Vitamin C in absolute high regard. I was privy in the very early 1980's to be included in a very interesting study involving vitamin C and it's various formats and roles and in particular it's use intravenously. At the time, it was somewhat poo-pooed, but the so called 'those in the know' as just another study that bore no real evidence of just what this Vital Amine was capable of in the human body. How wrong they were; (and how nice it would be to say how 'the mighty have fallen', but I won't. How interesting then, it should come to light that the very same data is now being portrayed as not only useful, but in fact vital for most of us! One of the world's most well known advocates of natural health and healing, Dr Joe Mercola, is one such perosn who actually agrees with what I have been saying for all these yers and his friend Dr Ronald Hunninghake, confirms and elaborates on his experience and studies on vitamin C; confirming just how important this anti-oxidant really is. I strongly recommend you read the article and pass it on to appropriate people.