About Us

The team at megaSun takes tanning very seriously, and so should you. In fact megaSun is so focused on healthy tanning it is all they do. No hair salon or day spa distractions just the highest quality tanning equipment, well maintained and appointed private booths and the full attention of trained tanning professionals to ensure your personalised tanning session is a safe and enjoyable experience.

The physical and mental benefits of having a healthy tan are obvious to most of us but unfortunately misinformation and scaremongering can leave us wondering if tanning is a sensible option. Inevitably we have to face the sun on a daily basis; it is indiscriminant in its intensity and with changing seasons, very unreliable.  Overexposure to the sun can be harmful so getting your tanning managed in the right environment with good advice and well maintained and regulated equipment is a must.

Our skin types are unique and to ensure adequate Vitamin D intake - and that feel good, look good colouring - the rate of exposure needs to be maintained and regulated. This is just part of the megaSun service and benefit to its clientèle.

To guarantee your tanning experience is of the highest quality MegaSun use only the best equipment from their modern megaSun brand sunbeds to the patented CPI® lamp technology ensuring you receive the correct exposure to UV that is appropriate to you – every time you visit. Our Managers all have been trained and awarded the prestigious Masters in Tanning from Smart Tan International Education Facility and undergo continuous professional development to keep up with industry trends and product developments.

The team at megaSun will ensure you are well looked after from the moment you walk in to our modern studio to the time you leave, we look forward to meeting you soon. MegaSun has two studios located in Auckland City for your convenience on the High Street and in Ponsonby.